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  • Dit event is voorbij. – ERIKA Pt4 24h: OP Adler Angrif

2 september 2017 @ 15:00 - 3 september 2017 @ 15:00

Rules of Engamenent
Before the event starts everyone one will get a digital “sitrep” and included is the Rules of Engagements. Follow these very closely and if you are not sure always ask your staff or CO. Not following instructions or the ROE will result in a official warning.

Special Forces
You or your team can sing up to become a SF squad or join a SF squad if possible. SF squads will get special missions during the event. These missions may require special tools, equipment or skills. Also these missions are likely to be much more roleplaying/realism based. To become a SF squad or join one you need to contact your CO for further instructions.
Camo(s) & Factie(s)

GSA, Pokrov and the Locals will have different rules about the allowed camouflage.
GSA is allowed LIGHT NATO Camo’s without the use of a REBELBAND. GSA REBELS “Ravensto brigade” are allowed to use DARK NATO Camo’s, but require to add the REBEL BLUEBAND.
POKROV is allowed DARK RUSSIAN Camo’s without the use of a REBELBAND. POKROV REBELS “Lyudi brigade” are allowed to use LIGHT RUSSIAN Camo’s, but require to add the REBEL REDBAND.
LOCALS are only allowed URBAN clothing and NO CAMO’S.
The use of the COLORBANDS is to indicate the player legions like in other(real) conflictzones.

German Law
Germany has different Airsoft Laws than most European countries. To ensure that you can partake in our events it is of the highest priority you read the regulations and ensure that you can comply with all.

1. If you shoot more then 0.5joule/232fps you replica has only SEMI SHOOTING FUNCTIONAL + MARKINGS.
2. If you shoot more then 0.5joule/232fps you need all the required markings!
3. Below 0.5joule/232fps you CAN LEGALLY shoot full auto and DON’T need the markings.

Be sure these requirements are made before you cross the border into Germany. We will do a full checkup at the field. If your Airsoft Gun does not have or is missing any of the requirements you will be removed from the game & field. There will be no exceptions! Failure to do so means you are in violation of German law. If stopped by law enforcers we can’t help you!!

Be sure to be on time! Times are to be made. If you are not on time it is your problem. The game will not wait and the gates will close. We will check the gates several times during the event. You just need to wait. This also counts for all the other timed events.


Read the emails, read the documents we send, read the rules, check your/the kitlist, prep your coms, get in contact with other players and your CO!
Not prepared at the event means you need to report to the staff.


2 september 2017 @ 15:00
3 september 2017 @ 15:00




Training Base Weeze GmbH
Flughafenring 16
Weeze, 47652 Germany

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